Oil Filtration

Oil Filtration

We've been carrying out filtration jobs since we first came to be in 2004 and some of our oil filtration specialists have been doing this kind of work for alot longer than that.

All of our Filtration specialists are well trained in the importance of Oil Cleanliness and the effects contaminants can have on the longevity of your equipment. We ensure that all of our filtration specialists are ICML certified Machinery Lubrication Technicians and have an appreciation for the importance of oil cleanliness.

Over the years we've carried out hundreds of filtration jobs, some big and some small. This has enabled us to have access to a great assortment of filtration equipment for any job we get tasked with.

Cleanliness Monitoring & Oil Analysis

Oil Sampling, Analysis and Cleanliness Monitoring

We have available multiple PCM400W devices, aswell as the latest PCM500. These devices allow us to perform live tests on High Pressure Lubrication Systems to provide an accurate measurement of any contamination present. These devices provide both Water Content and Cleanliness Codes(ISO 4406).

The mesh blockage system utilised within the PCM devices allows for testing of lubricants which would not provide a good result via a Laser Particle Counting system. A Laser Particle Counter cannot be used reliably where the oil is dark, cloudy or containing entrapped water or air.

We have a purpose built oil testing facility and a strong partnership with ALS Global which allows us to carry out various tests on samples in a timely fashion. These include Spectrography(ICP/XRF), Patch Testing & Wear Debris Analysis, Filterability, Viscosity, RPVOT and much more

Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography is the practice of imaging and analysing the different levels of electromagnetic energy radiated from the subject. A colour palette is assigned across the energy spectrum which allows us to visualise the difference in emitted energy and detect where there are abnormalities in the subject's thermal pattern.

We utilise a very high quality imaging device and an industry leading reporting package to provide you with timely and comprehensive reporting on your assets. These assets may be motors, MCC cabinets, gearboxes, bearings and much more. One of the main benefits of Infrared Thermography is to image equipment from a distance where accessibility is a problem.

Our resident thermographer is qualified to the ISO standard and also has a lengthy background in industrial maintenance aswell as commercial and residential construction. This allows him to conduct an indepth themographic inspection of a wide range of places ranging from industrial plants to commercial and residential infrared inspections of buildings.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis is the process of monitoring vibration signatures of equipment and assessing any abnormalities uncovered during monitoring of vibration signatures. Vibration analysis can be very useful for detecting faults in rotating equipment for example misalignment, bearing faults, balancing issues and much more.

We have a number of qualified VCAT1 & 2 trained technicians available to collect and analyse data on your equipment to provide early warning for when something isn't looking quite right.

We utilise two types of collectors both of which interface our CMMS system of choice MAINTelligence. Data is collated, analysed and reported from within MAINTelligence.


Ultrasonics (Airborne & Structureborne)

Ultrasound is the detection and study of soundwaves with frequencies higher than what is audible to the human ear. (Range upwards of 20khz). It is widely accepted that ultrasound when used in the correct regime with the right training can provide the earliest warning signs that a failure is underway.

One of the most common ultrasound tasks we are contracted to perform is an air leak survey. Compressed air is one of the most expensive consumables utilised within industry today. Typically up to 25% of compressed air produced on site is lost through leaks! A survey of these leaks by our technician can provide you with tags on all leaks. Providing all of these leaks are then repaired this can lead to a massive energy saving.


Plant Asset Survey & Database Construction

The importance of a structured and reliable CMMS Database is paramount to ensure the accessibility of data and the overall reliability of your Plant.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge with well over 20 surveys carried out over the past 15 years across a wide variety of industries here in NZ. Quite often we are finding equipment as part of these surveys which clients didn't even know existed. More often than not we find equipment that can be lubricated when existing CMMS Systems (or Spreadsheets!!!) indicate the equipment is sealed.

It is rather common to find a wide range of various attempts at creating a CMMS system across a plethora of proprietary systems over the course of 20-30 years. We take all of your existing information and build what we can from that. Once this is done we physically walk the plant and verify the data and add any information that is missing


Reliability Consulting

It's not our first time on the scene, we have been around a while and seen alot! Between our team of consulting engineers we have access to well over 50 years of experience in a wide range of industries across NZ & Australia.

We're delighted to be able to share our wealth of knowledge and continue to build our own knowledge while in the process helping to increase the overall reliability and efficiency of our national industries. We've conducted a large number of maintenance program audits across a range of Maintenance and condition monitoring programs.

A good maintenance strategy consists of a combination of great maintenance staff, accessible & appropriate record keeping and a combination of predictive maintenance technologies to be able to plan work when it will have the least impact on your production teams. Want to see how your program weighs up? Get a hold of us today

Lubricant Storage

Lubricant Storage Fitouts

We've designed and fitted out a number of lube stores both permanent and temporary on a range of industrial plants throughout New Zealand. This leaves us with a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding what equipment makes up an industry standard lubricant storage facility.

All of our configurations are modular and individually tailored to our clients requirements of the area. We may be able to assist in organising a temporary lube store in a container which can be great as a short term rental while you are awaiting construction of new facilities. Once the new facility is built we can transfer the equipment from the container into the new on-premise lube store.

Click the links below to view galleries of some of our previous setups.

Remote Lines

Remote Line Installation - Lubrication & CM

Condition Monitoring and Lubrication of your plant can be a big job! It's also generally a job that isn't provided a huge amount of human resources to perform. Teams performing this kind of work are often under pressure by production teams to finish up ASAP so the plant can get back to production.

Remoting your lubrication points can allow for equipment to be greased safely while the equipment is running. Being able to perform tasks on the run that were previously done during shuts allows for staff to get more work done while the plant is down for maintenance.

Collecting vibration data on equipment in this day and age can be a difficult process with the way equipment is guarded and this is only on the increase! Installing remote accelerometers allows you to collect data on equipment that is running while staying safely behind guards and removes the requirement for special live work permits which are more often than not an unnecessary risk that is frequently taken in industry today.

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