What we do

On-Site Reliability Technicians

Our full time On-site Reliability Technicians are our hardworking team on the coal face.

They are trained to carry out condition monitoring and lubrication to help ensure our client's plants are running optimally.

This allows us to provide our clients with a great value service and to help provide advance warning when the P-F Curve is trending downwards and requires preventative maintenance to be planned.

Condition Monitoring

We have a number of technicians spread throughout New Zealand that are trained in various methods of Condition Monitoring to help our client's determine the state of their plant.

This means our services are accessible and cost effective in many parts of the country.

Once we've collected the data we utilise a CMMS system to collate all collected data into a single database.

Lubrication Services and Supplies

We provide numerous lubrication services to our clients. We have a large stockpile of equipment to help us conduct these jobs.

These services range from Oil Filtration and Decanting right through to providing purpose built on-site lubricant stores.

A great addition to any plant to help decrease shut time required in a plant is Remote lube line installation, these remote lines allow technicians to perform lubrication work while equipment is running.

Computerised Maintenance Programs

A Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS in short) is a great way to keep all of your maintenance and machine health data in one program.

We are a proud to be a distributor for Canadian development firm DMSI. We are the Australasian distributor and provider of local support for all DMSI products and services.

Oil Analysis

We have a purpose built oil testing facility on site at our Mount Maunganui office that we use for carrying out various forms of Oil Analysis.

Any analysis we cannot perform in-house we send on to our partners at ALS in Wellington who provide us with a very quick turnaround time to get your results back to you sooner.

Training Programs

We are a certified provider of ICML qualifications such as MLT/MLA Level 1 & 2. We run courses on a variety of Condition Monitoring technologies in collaboration with our Partners.

We are also able to provide training on all DMSI products such as MAINTelligence, InspectCE and much more!